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Depreciator creates asset depreciation schedules for use in completing tax returns for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It can manage multiple clients, multiple assets for each client and allows you to specify how you want each asset to depreciate. The following depreciation methods are supported:

  • Prime cost
  • Diminishing value
  • Write off

Although it handles the most common forms of asset depreciation (and assumes you know what you are doing!), it is not designed to handle low value pools.

edit asset window edit asset window These 2 screenshots show the data entry form for entering asset depreciation details. (A 3rd screen - not shown - allows you to enter the asset disposal data). The main worksheet will only show the asset's depreciation data relevant for the income year.

general options categories The default income year is the last (already ended) financial year but you can override this at any time from the Options screen.

You can also override the default category descriptions and enter up to 5 user defined categories.