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These applications require Java 5 or later. If you are running Windows, you can download the latest version of Java from Mac users should already have Java with their version of OS X.

Name Version Date Download Size Price Purchase
Depreciator 1.5.1 Changelog 21 Jul 2016 Windows, Mac 8 MB $99 AUD
Stopwatch 2.1.2 Changelog 21 Jul 2016 Windows, Mac, Linux 5 MB $35 USD

You are free to download and try these applications, however, you will be unable to save data until you purchase and install a license. If you click the Buy link, you will be redirected to our PayPal site where you can purchase a license. PayPal will send a confirmation email after processing your transaction. We will then send you an invoice/receipt and license key within 1 business day.

Licensed users can receive access to support and free upgrades.